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Artist Talk: Several Favourable Bodies – Hervé Guibert’s Postcards as Agents of Queer Kinship


25 Apr 2024, 1:00pm





Photo credit: Matt Frenot

Benny Nemer’s research takes as its conceptual and material starting point an encounter with the private library of French artist and writer Hervé Guibert, whose book collection has been preserved at the Paris home of his executor since his 1991 death from AIDS. The project imagines alternative approaches to art historiography and the forging of queer kinship bonds through the design of participatory, community-generating gestures involving epistolary actions, performative museum visits across Europe, and the creation of a series of artistic audio guides.

Benny Nemer is an artist and diarist based in Paris. His multidisciplinary practice is concerned with queer archives and relational gestures, taking form through audio work, performance, participatory actions, epistolary writing and flower arranging. His artworks often trace the affective contours of love and longing while facilitating bonds of kinship between his audience, figures from history, and himself.

This talk is part of Memorial Gestures, a platform supporting artistic research into Holocaust Centre North’s Archive. Our artist talk series will feature artists engaging with archives and memory studies and aims to contextualise Holocaust memory and materials within contemporary critical and sociopolitical frameworks.

Photo Credits: Ángela Losa and María Eugenia Serrano