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We can’t live in a world where the Holocaust is forgotten. Can you?

No matter the size, your donation will make sure the Holocaust is never forgotten.

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Supporting Holocaust Centre North is a tangible and impactful way for you to show your commitment to human rights, equality and freedom. Together, we can ensure that Holocaust education is a force for good in the modern world. Can you help us?

Every pound you give today will support our educational and commemorative projects. By making a regular gift, you will help us expand Holocaust education and awareness, safeguard testimony, and directly support our community of Holocaust survivors and refugees.

We are ambitious, creative, and committed to this cause, but our work relies on collective effort and on donations from generous and dedicated people like you.

Portrait of Sir Trevor Pears

We are proud to fund the Holocaust Centre North. Its mission to tell a global history through local stories makes it unique in the UK. The blend of history, education, heritage and the arts, with Holocaust survivors at the heart, makes it a regional and national asset.

Sir Trevor Pears CMG