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Do you want to make sure that one of the darkest chapters in human history is never forgotten? Are you concerned with rising incidences of antisemitism and other prejudices in the North of England? Do you want to join a community of like-minded people, committed to making sure that future generations don’t lose sight of our difficult shared past?

At Holocaust Centre North, we tell the stories of survivors of Nazi persecution who rebuilt their lives in the North of England. Originally founded by a group of Leeds-based survivors in the 1990s, we foster a culture of care, making sure that survivors and their families can find new ways of sharing their experiences with future generations. Our exhibition, learning programme, archive, and programme of artistic responses ensure that people across the region never forget the ongoing relevance of the Holocaust to their lives today.

At a time of increasing tension, prejudice, and hostility between communities, and as we face a future in which the last living eyewitness survivors are no longer here to share their stories, our work is currently more important than ever before. As a small charity, we are reliant on the support of our friends to continue our work. By joining the Northern Line, Holocaust Centre North’s community of philanthropists and patrons, you can help shape the conversation about how we commemorate the Holocaust in these challenging times.

By joining The Northern Line and becoming a Patron of Holocaust Centre North, you can join a network of concerned and committed individuals and help preserve the legacy of Holocaust survivors long into the future. Becoming a Patron puts you at the heart of our mission, at the centre of our community. By joining The Northern Line and becoming an ambassador for our work, you can take an active role in tackling the dangerous and disturbing trends we see in our society today.

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Become a Patron of Holocaust Centre North by setting up a minimum regular payment. For your convenience, you can decide to pay monthy or yearly.

I have volunteered with Holocaust Centre North for over 7 years, and I am always blown away by the fantastic work that they do sharing education and learning across Yorkshire around tolerance and understanding. Recently, I joined their free membership initiative and raised funds for survivor support by training for and running the Leeds Half Marathon. With their help, I set up a JustGiving event page where my supporters could donate and leave message. This was simple, fast and totally secure. To be able to raise £ 500 plus Gift Aid two weeks after the passing of my beloved Oma, Iby Knill, really showed that there isn’t a better time to spread awareness about the Holocaust.

Julia Kinch
Julia at the Leeds half marathon