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Challenging Genocide Denial: Legacies of the Holocaust and Bosnia


7 Jul 2022, 6:00pm





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This unique event explores the legacies of both the Holocaust and the war in Bosnia, including the genocide in Srebrenica. By looking at their interplay, we will examine how they still affect human rights, individual survivors, and peace-making efforts today.

We will be joined by three leading academics who will offer fresh perspectives on key topics, before they join together for a panel discussion. There will then be time for questions from the audience.

Dr Chelsea Sambells will explore how survivors’ experiences and victimisation during the Holocaust influenced the establishment of human rights and international law, and in turn how this affected what occurred decades later in Bosnia.

Dr Linda Asquith will consider how survivors of genocide rebuild their lives in a new country, and how they can be supported in their recovery from such traumatic events while integrating in a new country. The talk will consider practical issues such as finding a job, playing sports and rebuilding family life, alongside how resettlement policies can affect a survivor’s recovery from genocide.

Dr Maria O’Reilly will focus on post-war peacebuilding processes and the important roles that survivors of war play in promoting peace and justice. Rather than passive victims of violence, survivors often take up crucial roles in truth-recovery, memorialisation, and other initiatives.

This event is in partnership with Remembering Srebrenica.