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Hitler won!: Judaism after the Holocaust


20 Oct 2021, 5:00pm





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Rabbi Dovid Y. Lewis of the South Manchester Synagogue will discuss the impact of the Holocaust upon Judaism. During the Holocaust, Hitler’s aim was not just to eradicate the Jewish Nation, but to erase Judaism from the face of the earth. It was to become nothing more than a relic, kept alive in a museum purely to prove its demise.  To achieve his aim, Hitler systematically and barbarically murdered 6 million Jews across Europe, destroying families and dynasties that went back millennia. He wiped hundreds of Shtetles off the map, many of their names now forgotten. But Judaism survived. The Nation rebuilt itself in all four corners of the world, bigger and stronger than it was before. However, in one aspect Hitler did win.


During this talk, Rabbi Lewis will explore how, and he will also discuss the implications and responsibilities that arise from that.

Rabbi Dovid Y. Lewis is the Rabbi of the South Manchester Synagogue. Having studied Yeshivot in England and Israel, his BA with Honours from Jews College and SOAS, then his MA with Distinction from Durham University, Rabbi Lewis is an active and dynamic leader of the Jewish community in the North of England.

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