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Life-Changing, Harassed, Persecuted, Equality-Seeking Individuals: LGBTQ+ European Jews in the 20th Century


7 Jun 2023, 5:00pm




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This talk will provide insights into LGBTQ+ Jewish people and communities in Germany and England in the 20th Century.

The talk will start by discussing the life-changing work of Magnus Hirschfeld.

It will then cover some experiences harassment and persecution that LGBTQ+ Jews experienced during, and in the aftermath of, Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.

Finally, it will engage with the social justice work LGBTQ+ Jews were involved with in the 1970s-1990s, which includes establishing helplines and Jewish LGBTQ+ groups, Jewish responses to AIDS, and ordaining LGBTQ+ rabbis.

The Jewish Gay Group’s Pride stand in 1987, showing Norman Goldner.


Our speaker will be Mie Astrup Jensen who is a PhD Candidate in Gender & Sexuality Studies and Hebrew & Jewish Studies at UCL who works on intersections between gender, sexuality, and religion. Her research explores non-heterosexual Jewish women’s lived experiences and practices in England and Israel.