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Objects Have Memories: A Workshop Using Drawing, Writing, Making and Listening


1 Jun 2022, 2:30pm


Holocaust Exhibition and Learning Centre


free - donations welcome

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This workshop incorporates a range of drawing exercises and making tasks to reflect on our relationship with objects: how we consider their materiality and their potential for memory recall. Participants will be asked to bring objects and photos that have personal significance. We will be asking – how do objects tell stories? How do we listen to them?

The workshop will include short drawing exercises (absolutely no experience needed!), the opportunity to make a contact microphone (to listen to objects) and to make a GIF that combines collage and text.

All materials provided

Note: please don’t bring any objects that are especially fragile and breakable. Also, bring one physical photo that resonates with you – this could be a  family or friend photo, or something else entirely (eg a postcard) but it has to be connected to you in some way (it will not be damaged). You will need a phone with a phone camera and a set of personal headphones. If you have one – please bring an audio recorder (with mini jack input), if not we will provide you with one.


Reading List

Susan Stewart, On Longing: Narratives of the Miniature, the Gigantic, the Souvenir, the Collection

Mark Edmonds and Alan Garner, The Beauty Things