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Refugees, migrants, memories and identities


17 Dec 2020, 6:00pm





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Alfred Kerr, pictured here, was a German-speaking Jewish refugee—a poet, writer and broadcaster in Britain during the Second World War and father of Judith Kerr who wrote The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

What was the experience of refugees and migrants in Britain during the Second World War and in its immediate aftermath and how are their stories remembered and retold? What impact did the war have on their sense of identity? These talks by Louise Ryan and Wendy Webster focus on Jewish German-speaking refugees who worked in British cinema and broadcasting or served in the British army, and on Irish and Polish migrants who made dangerous journeys to Britain.

This event forms part of our digital event series ‘Transnational Jewish Identities at the Periphery’. It will take place at 6.00pm GMT – if joining us from a different country, please check the timezone appropriate to where you are.