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The Boy Who Drew Auschwitz


25 Oct 2023, 5:00pm




Free - donations welcome

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Thomas Geve was only 13 years old when he was deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau. Thomas would go onto survive three concentration camps before being liberated in Buchenwald. After his release he drew what he had experienced, creating over 80 images capturing life inside the camps. In 2021 his experiences were published in the book ‘The Boy Who Drew Auschwitz’.

In this event join Thomas, his daughter Yifat and Charlie Inglefield who helped create the book.

Yifat will share her father’s story through photos and his drawings that he created age 15 after his liberation. We will also hear from Thomas about his experiences, his drawings and how he created a new life after the Holocaust.

Charlie will talk about how the book behind the book – how it came to be and why they wanted to bring Thomas’ testimony to today’s audiences. He will also talk about the personal factors behind pursuing this project and the process everyone went through to create the book. The challenges, including writing and coordinating through Covid and multiple countries, and the objectives to bring Thomas’ story to all generations.

Thomas, Yifat and Charlie will present for 45 minutes and we will then have 15 minutes for questions from the audience.