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Tomorrow’s Testimony with Arek Hersh


3 Jul 2022, 1:30pm


Holocaust Exhibition and Learning Centre



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*Please note the first session is now sold out, the second session at 3pm still has places!

We are proud to present Tomorrow’s Testimony in partnership with March of the Living UK. At this very special event your children will be able to meet with a Holocaust survivor from the North of England to ensure their testimonies are never forgotten. The day will include an interactive, age-appropriate activity (that will not be about the Holocaust) and a family photograph with the survivor.

Each child will be sent a booklet with the photograph and the survivor’s testimony. We encourage families to keep this and give it to your children at an age you feel comfortable with. We hope your children will cherish this and feel connected to the survivor they met.

The concept of this booklet is to one day read and share the testimony of the survivor that they met. In doing so, becoming a witness for life. This is a truly unique opportunity.

We will be running two sessions on the day, session 1 will be 13.30 – 14.30 and session 2 will be 15.00 – 16.00.

Due to the nature and contents of the activities this event is for children ages 0 – 6. The sessions are not appropriate for children and teenagers between the ages of 7 – 17 and entry will not be given. The event is interactive, and each child must be accompanied by one adult. At no point should a child be left unattended by a family member. If you are a family with only one child, you may bring along a maximum of two adults.

To attend the event the first child is £15, then any additional children are £5. All accompanying adults are free.

How to explain the activity to your children…

We understand approaching the topic of the Holocaust with children can be very challenging however we do believe it is important to contextualise this event with them before you arrive. Below is a suggestion of what to say…

“Today we are going to meet some very old and wonderful people. They are even older than your grandparents! They have lived long and interesting lives. Today we are very lucky and are going to meet them in person to do a few activities with them. And hopefully take a lovely photo to remember this special day!”