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Memorial Gestures – Laura Fisher

Hello, I’m Laura Fisher! I am honored to have been chosen to create artistic responses to the archive at Holocaust Centre North through the Memorial Gestures artist’s residency, and I’m excited to introduce myself to … Keep reading

Our Living Collection

In this short video our Archivist shares with you just a small number of objects, documents and photographs from our Collection. Our Collection is ever growing but currently represents over 90 Holocaust stories from those … Keep reading

The audioguide as an art commission

Artists Linda O Keefe and Louise Wilson have begun following the traces of history in our archive, reflecting on what is present in our collection, but also what is absent: memories of sound, lost evidence, and impalpable stories of making new lives in England’s North. Keep reading

Scarves Throughout History

Do you have a favourite piece of clothing? For Holocaust survivor, Trude Silman, one particular scarf has immense value to her – it was not even her scarf, but her mother’s scarf that she found … Keep reading