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The Lack of Preparation for War Crimes Investigations

Introduction Many historians and students of World War II are fully aware that the Nuremberg Trials (IMT) are painted as a shining example of the four victorious Allies working together in ‘perfect harmony’. Numerous books, … Keep reading

The Lesser Known Twelve ‘Nuremberg Trials’

The Nuremberg trial, held in 1946, was unique at the time.  It persecuted 24 of the most important and high-profile figures of the Third Reich. It was also the first international tribunal to be used … Keep reading

Nuremberg: The Changing Meanings of a City

Continuing our blog series on Nuremberg, our Travelling Historians, Hannah and Chelsea, are exploring what the city means in terms of its history and legacy. CS: So Nuremberg, a city we have both visited – … Keep reading

Nuremberg: The International Military Tribunal

On 20 November 1945 Soviet judge Major General Iona Nikitchenko opened the first session of the “International Military Tribunal” (IMT, a.k.a. the “Nuremberg Trial”) in the Palace of Justice in the German city of Nuremberg … Keep reading