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Remembering the Camps

Travelling Historians, Hannah and Chelsea, have visited various concentration camps and today’s blog explores their experiences. Given how these upsetting landscapes of genocide have now turned into tourist hotspots, they ask: What is the etiquette … Keep reading

Nuremberg: The Changing Meanings of a City

Continuing our blog series on Nuremberg, our Travelling Historians, Hannah and Chelsea, are exploring what the city means in terms of its history and legacy. CS: So Nuremberg, a city we have both visited – … Keep reading

Surprising Finds in the Third Reich

The Third Reich was so entrenched within every fabric of German society that it is difficult to travel in Germany, and other parts of Europe which were occupied by the Nazis, without coming across remnants … Keep reading

The Real Valkyrie: German Resistance in Modern Memory

One of the most interesting aspects of the Second World War is the ways in which people resisted, challenged and sacrificed their lives in defiance of the Nazi regime.  Today’s blog explores Chelsea’s and Hannah’s … Keep reading

Travelling Historians: Where Hitler Stood

Chelsea, our Head of Research, and Hannah, our Learning Assistant, recently discovered that they both love to travel (and drink wine, eat chocolate, and read, amongst other things). Coincidentally, we have visited many historical sites … Keep reading